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Prayer of the Day – December 24th

ImageBring the coming of your kingdom,

and to this end help every true worker for you, the world over.

May the kingdoms of this world speedily become the kingdoms of our God,

and of his Christ. Help me to speed the coming of that day.

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Prayer of the Day – November 16th

Rio Vista Drawbridge

The good I want to do, I do not do; the evil that I do not want to do, I do. I grieve, for my temper, my pride, my self-will, the bad thoughts I permit, the unkind, things I say. But you knew all this before you awakened me. Have compassion and save me!

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

A Heart of Flesh

“And I will give you a heart of flesh.“—Ezekiel xxxvi. 26.

The hard heart does not love the Redeemer, but, the renewed heart burns with affection towards him. Many are the privileges of this renewed heart: “‘Tis here the Spirit dwells, ’tis here that Jesus rests.” It is fitted to receive every spiritual blessing, and every blessing comes to it. It is prepared to yield every heavenly fruit to the honor and praise of God, and therefore the Lord delights in it. A tender heart is the best defense against sin, and the best preparation for heaven. A renewed heart stands on its watertower looking for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Have you this heart of flesh?


Get Thinking About Faith…

Faith is the foundation of protestant theology, from Habakuk to Apostle Paul to Martin Luthor. I’m looking forward to Pastor Dustin Butler’s approach!

Windborn Church

Next Sunday (November 17,2013) we will be looking at Matthew 8.5-13 and our faith response to Jesus by submitting to His authority. So this is a simple concept to get our minds thinking:

 “Faith is taking God at His Word and staking one’s life upon Him that He will do His work in, through, and with you, and also show you how to cooperate with Him.”

Robert Bingham in Christ Is Life

As we have asked earlier in our study of Matthew, “if we trust God with our eternity, why not trust Him with our daily lives?” So we trust Him and keep our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12.1,2). Accordingly, our getting thinking about faith is…wait for it…you know what’s coming…our getting thinking about faith is to dwell more on Jesus!

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Prayer of the Day – November 10th

Lord Jesus! Teach me how to apply to the common things of daily life the heavenly principles of the risen life. May I think of nothing as common or unclean. May every common bush be aflame with God.

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Evening Prayer for November 9th

Holy Savior! Undertake the care of our failures that might lead us to despair, and the joy of our successes that might induce pride. Make right what is wrong; undo what is done amiss; establish, strengthen and prosper all you can use.

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Prayer of the Day – November 2nd

Jesus in Pray
Jesus in Pray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I adore you, Holy Father! There is no limit to your power or to your love. You are greatly to be loved! There is none like you, glorious in holiness, fearful in praise, doing wonders. Accept the homage of my soul and life, through Jesus Christ.

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Prayer of the Day – October 31st

“Make me to hate evil and to cling to that which is good. Take away my heart of stone, and give me a heart of flesh. Deliver me from my idols. Take away my love of sin. Put your Spirit within me, and cause me to walk in your way.”

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Prayer of the Day – October 30th

My Master and Lord! May I know that you go before me as you went before your disciples. The sword pierces your heart before it touches mine, and the waves spend themselves on you before I am wetted by their spray. The heavy part of my cross rests on you.
Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.

Prayer of the Day – October 29th

God's Great Mountains

You are a covenant-keeping God!
Your righteousness is like the great mountains; may I keep it in view always.  Your faithfulness reaches to the skies; help me to count on it in every step of this day’s pilgrimage.

Daily Prayers: A Classic Collection.