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Grace and Forgiveness…

I am saddened by the recent events surrounding the L A Clippers basketball team and its owner.  Everyone knows that his basic heart attitude is wrong, except perhaps those who share his views. 


If his heart attitude is wrong and unloving, does that make it all right to demonstrate dislike and reflect it back to him?  Like a twisted corollary to the Golden Rule?  Or are we to love one another without exception (per I John 4:7-8).  I know it is hard to love such an unlovely, hateful person, but God gave us the gift of The Holy Spirit to help with these hard tasks.
Love leads us to forgiveness.  How can we expect to be forgiven, if we withhold forgiveness from those who wrong us?
Let us be temperate in our criticisms, so that God can move on the hearts of those following the Evil One.  If we speak evil to others, we do not represent Christ.
Is the grace of God sufficient to forgive sin of this magnitude?  Can God change hearts and attitudes?  (Can God change you…and I…)
Why not determine today to take the higher road of forgiveness, rather than piling on indignation?  Who are we to judge?