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Proverbs 10:7-8 (CEV)
7 Good people are remembered long after they are gone, but the wicked are soon forgotten.
8 If you have good sense, you will listen and obey; if all you do is talk, you will destroy yourself.

This quote is from the Proverb of the Day, this being the tenth of April.  It is ever true.

  • I do not have any delusions about being long revered after I am gone, but it is good to know that my quest for living by the Golden Rule will have a lasting benefit.
  • I do need to listen more and talk less.  This is nothing new to those of you who know me.
  • I have determined to be more uplifting in my blog(s), so be fore-warned!  I am looking for the good to report.  The evil finds us fast enough, without any help from me!