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A21 Prayer Guide – Day One


For their strength and salvation

Psalm 138:7, Isaiah 40:29, Luke 19:10

For their protection, freedom and justice

Psalm 82:4, Psalm 103:6; Psalm 146:7

For their hope and healing

Psalm 40:1-3, Jeremiah 30:17, 31:17
PSALM 138:7 NET – Even when I must walk in the midst of danger, you revive me. You oppose my angry enemies, and your right hand delivers me.
ISAIAH 40:29 NET – He gives strength to those who are tired; to the ones who lack power, he gives renewed energy.
LUKE 19:10 NET – For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

PSALM 82:4 NET – Rescue the poor and needy! Deliver them from the power of the wicked!
PSALM 103:6 NET – The Lord does what is fair, and executes justice for all the oppressed.
PSALM 146:7 NET – vindicates the oppressed, and gives food to the hungry. The Lord releases the imprisoned.

PSALM 40:1-3 NET – I relied completely on the Lord , and he turned toward me and heard my cry for help. He lifted me out of the watery pit, out of the slimy mud. He placed my feet on a rock and gave me secure footing. He gave me reason to sing a new song, praising our God. May many see what God has done, so that they might swear allegiance to him and trust in the Lord !
JEREMIAH 30:17 NET – Yes, I will restore you to health. I will heal your wounds. I, the Lord , affirm it! For you have been called an outcast, Zion, whom no one cares for.”
JEREMIAH 31:17 NET – Indeed, there is hope for your posterity. Your children will return to their own territory. I, the Lord , affirm it!

Pandering to the Lowest Common Denominator

I think the events related to Travon Martin’s demise are preventable.  It is truly a tragedy!  But is it murder?  A jury said, “not guilty” and normally that would be the end of it.  Some immature people want to override the verdict and continue to persecute Zimmerman, a legally innocent man.  These short-sighted people would like to turn back the clock to anarchy, or worse yet, tyranny.  They did not do so well when there was no civilized law and order, but these angry people don’t remember that. 
None of us can pick and choose which verdicts to “allow.”   How mature is it to contend for your own way, all the time, in everything?  Now that brings me to the main point of this post…
How dare politicians, like Hillary Clinton pander to these immature trouble-makers?  The rule of law and the privilege of a jury of our peers is sacrosanct.  Lawyers, like Clinton know this.  To encourage social action because a verdict did not go our way is wrong on several levels, but mostly this- there was a time where there was no justice for certain groups and social pressures tended to discriminate against them.  It was wrong.  It is also wrong to practice discrimination against others, now that the civil rights of any group are established.  The discriminated victim now openly discriminates against Zimmerman with impunity.  Clinton is pandering to these malcontents in order to get votes for the next presidential campaign.  She owes Zimmerman a huge apology for her disrespect of him and the rule of law.
There are other people out there pandering to malcontents on this issue.  Beware!  God will mete out justice according to your record.  If you have a pattern of unjust behavior, you will be judged with the same measure.
Would it be too much to ask for people to respect the rule of law and just get over it?  Why be so ornery as to insist on your own mis-perceived notions?  Be a better citizen.