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He hears us, when we cry.

I have often marvelled when, in a room full of kids, one will cry out and the corresponding mother will materialize out of nowhere to attend to them.  They do not respond to every child’s cry, only their own.  They know the distinct cry of their own and respond accordingly.  That is how God is with His children!  In a world full of cries for help, He knows our distinctive cry.  You may say, “Are we not all God’s children?”  Of course, but He more readily recognizes the voices of those who talk to him regularly. For anyone out there who feels alone…God hears your cry.  Talk to Him.  Love, acceptance and  forgiveness is available right now.  My prayer for everyone today is that you may make your voice known to God.  He hears us, so we know that we have whatever we need from Him–I John 5:14-15.