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Who Can Complain Effectively About the Weather?

I would like to submit this famous poem about fog by Carl Sandburg. I thought of it when my brother moved up to Florence, Oregon. It doesn’t rain all the time in Oregon…most of the time it is overcast and dripping with moisture reflective of an impending cloudburst. I grew up in Port Hueneme, CA. Every day was about the same. In the morning we would have fog (or overcast clouds) to the point that those of us in the marching band had to change socks and sometimes shoes between our practice before school and First Period. Then, usually by mid-morning, or at least by noon, the sun would come out, burn off the fog and it would be a bright sunny day. But then, by mid afternoon, the west wind would start blowing off the Pacific Ocean and make everything cool, sometimes uncomfortably so. If you were out for the day, you had to dress inlayers, because all day was spent putting on or taking off clothes. I’m certain Cargo Pants (the kind with the zippered detachable legs) were invented by someone who lived in a similar place.

I am amazed that my brother would move to a place with weather like this, bearing in mind the past experiences. But that brings us back to Sandburg’s Poem. “It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches….and then moves on.” Every day, it was like the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day“, at least weather-wise. The fog moved on, as if blown away by the west wind, leaving many a clear night, but the next day- it started all over again!

I thought that this was like “grace” with God. Every day, we let Him down, but He is faithful to stick with us, and gives us a clean slate, every day. He doesn’t obsess with our shortcomings, He moves on. When I mess up with God, I want to confess and get past it, starting over with a clean slate. He is so good to give that to us.

Psalm 103:11-12 (NKJV)
11  For as the heavens are high above the earth, So great is His mercy toward those who fear Him;
12  As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.

God, let us be mindful of your grace and never forget how much you are eager to forgive us!

Why I go to Church

Believer or Disciple?
Believer or Disciple?

I do not go to see the people or be seen by the people, I go to worship.  Having other people there to worship with is a pleasant bonus.

I do not go to church check off a list of “do-goods”, because no amount of “do-goods” could buy my way into Heaven.  I go because I love Jesus and His presence seems closer there…

I do not go to church to satisfy a creed or pledge, I go to church to reinforce my creed and to learn more about it.

I do not go to church to please my family, although some of them are pleased by this.  I go to church to worship and commune with my God, who has done so much for me and asks so little in return.  But then I find I do not just want to “go to” church…I want to have “church” in my heart all week long.  This is more than being a “true believer.”  This is the first step in becoming a disciple.  

And although Jesus does not command some of the things I do out of love, He encourages me to do them by being an example of love.  And out of love, I would follow Him anywhere!

Theologian Trading Cards

I reposted this blog to give credit to Walter for finding these. They are so cool, if I do not get a set for Father’s Day, I may just have to go to the Zondervan web site and buy them as a self-indulgence.

Walter Bright

I was spending some time a few minutes ago on one of my favorite blogs of all time and came across this post. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. It is officially on my list of father’s day gifts – yes – you got that right – gifts!

Theologian Trading Cards by Norman Jeune III

Zondervan’s Theologian Trading Cards offer an incredibly novel way to learn theology and church history. Creator Norman Jeune III came up with the idea to imitate baseball cards at seminary while listening to students discuss theologians as if they were baseball players.

The result is 288 trading cards featuring important figures in church history including heretics and philosophers.

Theologian Trading Cards by Norman Jeune III

Theologian Trading Cards by Norman Jeune III

Each card features the theologian’s name, lifespan, short biography, and quick list of significant contributions that influenced Christianity. If you want a quick yet thorough lesson on church history, these cards will be one of the better options if not the best.

Theologian Trading Cards by Norman Jeune III

Theologian Trading Cards by Norman Jeune III


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Fellowship Flash Mob for March 3, 2013

BE Missional!

See you at the Firehouse Conference room at 10:15 am.  Greet the mobility-challenged who meet there and also the “Adult Sermon Discussion Sunday School Class”, which will be adjourning.  Feel free to stay and watch the Windborn Church Morning Worship Service on large screen.

Thank-you for your faithfulness.  See you there!