Grace and Forgiveness…

I am saddened by the recent events surrounding the L A Clippers basketball team and its owner.  Everyone knows that his basic heart attitude is wrong, except perhaps those who share his views. 


If his heart attitude is wrong and unloving, does that make it all right to demonstrate dislike and reflect it back to him?  Like a twisted corollary to the Golden Rule?  Or are we to love one another without exception (per I John 4:7-8).  I know it is hard to love such an unlovely, hateful person, but God gave us the gift of The Holy Spirit to help with these hard tasks.
Love leads us to forgiveness.  How can we expect to be forgiven, if we withhold forgiveness from those who wrong us?
Let us be temperate in our criticisms, so that God can move on the hearts of those following the Evil One.  If we speak evil to others, we do not represent Christ.
Is the grace of God sufficient to forgive sin of this magnitude?  Can God change hearts and attitudes?  (Can God change you…and I…)
Why not determine today to take the higher road of forgiveness, rather than piling on indignation?  Who are we to judge?

7 thoughts on “Grace and Forgiveness…

  1. I do believe there is a verse for every sentence in the last three paragraphs…That is as far back as I went.

    I know you had been out but I did not know why. I saw something about health. I hope you are much better if that was an issue.

    On another subject: Are you retired? How is it? I am hoping to head there soon. This is one of those days were I’d love to already be there. Well, is there a day I don’t??? I don’t think so. But I must not live too far into the future. Seize the Day!!! This moment is all I am promised. I’d better live it to the full. Actually I am loving my work today and think sometimes I will miss it when it is gone. I just hope there is other work I can do when I move on from this work–working now!!!

    1. I have a bad liver and became disoriented with a build up of ammonia. There were also other side issues/complications. I was in the hospital three days. They thought I had a stroke.
      I AM retired. I am busier than when I was working. Instead of; getting an other job, I began church volunteer work at a high level. I also started this blog. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE how much you will be happy to put your former job behind.

      1. I am glad the health is better. The older we get the more precious that becomes.

        I am getting my heart and thinking aligned for the time I say so long. There is so much to do out there. Lots of needs around me right now. “Where do I start?”

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