Get Thinking About Faith…

Faith is the foundation of protestant theology, from Habakuk to Apostle Paul to Martin Luthor. I’m looking forward to Pastor Dustin Butler’s approach!

Windborn Church

Next Sunday (November 17,2013) we will be looking at Matthew 8.5-13 and our faith response to Jesus by submitting to His authority. So this is a simple concept to get our minds thinking:

 “Faith is taking God at His Word and staking one’s life upon Him that He will do His work in, through, and with you, and also show you how to cooperate with Him.”

Robert Bingham in Christ Is Life

As we have asked earlier in our study of Matthew, “if we trust God with our eternity, why not trust Him with our daily lives?” So we trust Him and keep our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12.1,2). Accordingly, our getting thinking about faith is…wait for it…you know what’s coming…our getting thinking about faith is to dwell more on Jesus!

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