Victory Versus Defeat

English: Moses Sees the Promised Land from Afa...
English: Moses Sees the Promised Land from Afar, as in Numbers 27:12, by James Tissot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October 14th

“The Lord will cause the enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you. They will march out against you from one direction but flee from you in seven directions. . . .

The Lord will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will march out against them from one direction but flee from them in seven directions. You will be an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.”Deuteronomy 28:7, 25

As the Israelites were preparing to enter the Promised Land, God set before them a choice: Heed His voice, obey His commandments, and experience continued victory. Or turn from God, disobey His word, and experience repeated and resounding defeat. It was a simple choice. The choice they made would be evident by the results on the battlefield.

The assurance of victory did not mean that the Israelites would not have to strap on their armor and go to battle. It did not assure them of effortless victory. At times their enemies fought fiercely, and the battles raged back and forth. Nevertheless, as the Israelites walked closely with God, they knew that their efforts would always result in victory.

God gives us the same choice He gave the Israelites. If we walk with Him, obedient to His word, He will stand with us and ensure victory over our challenges. We must face the battle, but God promises us victory if we remain in His will. However, if we choose to disassociate from God, we surely will be overtaken by difficulties. As with the Israelites, our decision will be evident by the outcome. If you are continually being defeated by everything you face, your heart has departed from God.

If you have been experiencing defeat in the challenges you face, examine your heart. When you are buffeted by the crises of life, your heart may have shifted away from God. Choose to listen to God. Then obey what He tells you, no matter what you face, and you will experience victory.

Experiencing God Day by Day: A Devotional and Journal.

3 thoughts on “Victory Versus Defeat

  1. Daryl, this is a good word.

    I haven’t been as social lately because I have gotten involved with Global Media Outreach and respond to lots of seekers when they reply to message on the GMO web site. That keeps me going most nights for an hour at least.

    I see you transitioned your blog. How do you like the updated? Is it more flexible than the no-pay blog? In about 1 year (when and if I ever retire for the working world) I want to work lots more on my blog than I do currently. I just don’t have the time to devote at the moment.

    Thanks for your input. John

    1. John, I have noticed no difference due to the transition. The sites are sort of tied together, except for ads. When I realized that people visiting my blog may see ads that I have no say in, I decided to make this move so that I could have a say in any ads. I am waiting for the ad agency to get back to me. I could get a little revenue from the ads, but that is not why I’m doing this.

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