“I Don’t Feel Loved.”

I am posting this article from Peaceful wife’s blog as an introduction to an extraordinary source of devotional material for both genders. You will often see yourself in new light if you regularly read this blog. Attitude adjustments are the norm and you will actually enjoy them. Than you to Peaceful wife for furnishing this study.

The Peaceful Wife


God gave us our feelings and emotions to bless us.

It is important to know what our emotions are at any given time.  Our feelings can be flags that tell us that all is right in our world or that there is a big problem -happy, sad, afraid, nervous, angry, worried, joyful, grateful, etc…  are all gifts.  If we use them well.

Negative emotions tell me that something needs to be changed or fixed.  They tell me I have a problem.

  • If I am angry, I might need to ask someone to stop doing something that violates my boundaries or to stop sinning against me.
  • If I am lonely, I may need to seek out companionship, friendship and encouragement from others.
  • If I am sad, I may need to process why and decide if I need to speak up to someone I care about or share my feelings with…

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