Testimony Time

IMG_20130207_130739I want to tell you about a really neat thing God did for me today.  I have been contending with my medical insurance carrier about a prescription medicine that is quite expensive.  They required me to try a different medicine that was much cheaper, but had some very undesirable side effects.  Practically unbearable and it was definitely not as effective! I know this, because before I was forced to take the replacement drug, I had three weeks of samples, furnished by my doctor.  I felt great during that time.  I had turned over my appeal on the adverse decision to my doctor to handle.  I am no match for those insurance lawyers!
Today, at about 3:15 pm pet, I received an automated call from my carrier, stating that the expensive drug was now approved.  I can pick it up at the local pharmacy tomorrow!  God is good.  He has moved on the hearts of others to show favor on me and I appreciate it.  Praise be to God!
Now I know some of you might say, “God didn’t do that.  He had nothing to do with it.”. Well, let me consider that.  If God didn’t do it, maybe the devil did that for me, just to be nice or to make up for past offenses.  Maybe the devil got saved and I have not heard about it yet.  Maybe the Devil took to heart Christian charity and the sermon on the mount, the golden rule and was moved to help me for some reason.  It only makes sense to me that either Jesus did it or the devil did it.  It is totally out of character for the devil to do something nice for me, so God did it!  I am giving credit and honor where credit and honor are due.  Praise be to God.

P.S. please excuse me for the outburst of sarcasm, above.  What God did is so great for me, I’m on a natural high.  I’m going to have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.


15 thoughts on “Testimony Time

  1. I enjoyed reading what GOD did for you today. No coincidence there. Someone once defined a coincidence this way: What some folks arguably refer to as a coincidence is really a blessing or a miracle from God who wishes to remain anonymous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Praise God, Hallelujah!!!! I’m thrilled to read this, Daryl–so happy for you, and what an encouraging testimony for all of us. Jesus always has the final word–even in the crazy world system of health(non)care, and economics. I totally understand your High!!!

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