God Understands Your Temptations by NIV Study Bible


And   lead us not into temptation,  but   deliver us from   evil.

God Understands Your Temptations

You’ve taken on too many responsibilities and now you’re scrambling to get it all done. People are not cooperating. Your stress level is rising even as your mood is deteriorating. Success looks doubtful. Ever been in this place?

To make matters worse, because of your busyness you haven’t taken time out to make sure you’re approaching the situation with God’s perspective. Just when the external pressure is greatest your inner strength is waning. There’s a lesson here: people have a tendency to lower their spiritual guards in stressful situations.

The good news is that when we find ourselves in tempting places—no matter what the source—we have someone to whom we can turn. He understands our weaknesses and promises to help us if we’ll cling to him. God is the ultimate preventive measure against falling into temptation.

God’s Promise to Me
• You can pray for my help to avoid temptation.

My Prayer to God
Lord, I’m grateful that I can turn to you to avoid temptation. Help me trust your leading and learn from your roadblocks.


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