Sometimes, Older is Better!

I do not want to promote television watching in a wholesale way, because it is a known time-waster.  I think all of us, with few exceptions spend too much time watching TV.  But sometimes, taken in moderation, it can be entertaining.  A case in point would be educational/entertaining game shows.  I do not care much for the newer quiz shows/game shows, as they seem to have an edge to them that the old-time shows did not have.  They were for the most part good, clean fun.  I have assembled a list of what I consider to be the top ten quiz shows ever.  They are all oldies.  If you disagree, just comment at the end of the post.  If you have a fond memory of one of the shows, by all means share it with us.  Here we go in no particular order:


Ten Best Quiz Shows

What’s My Line- John Daly, host.
The Price is Right-originally hosted by Bill Cullen.
Queen for a Day-the best prize giveaway show, ever.
Jeopardy-original host’s name escapes me.  Help me out.
Password-with Alan Ludden
Beat the Clock-I think Gary Moore may have been the original host.
Concentration-Again, readers, please send me the host’s name.
I’ve Got a Secret-with Gary Moore
Let’s Make a Deal-with Monte Hall.  Probably replaced “Queen for a Day” in amount of prizes given out
Tic-Tac-Dough-hosted by Jack Narz?

I have purposely left out the scandal-ridden shows, i e, 21, the $64,000 Question, etc.
Please tell me what you think, bearing in mind that some of you are not old enough to remember these shows.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes, Older is Better!

  1. TV is a time waster. I have gone to less and less. Though, I might add, I probably need to critique my time online now–probably way too much.

    Jeopardy–Alex Trebek?

      1. According to Wikipedia, the original host of Jeopardy WAS Art Fleming. I should have trusted my original instinct. A great game show made even better by Alex Trebeck.

  2. Beat the Clock was hosted for its first eleven years by Bud Collyer.
    Tic-Tac-Dough’s original host was Jack Berry.
    Queen for a Day was originally hosted by Jack Bailey.
    Does anyone out there remember any of these guys?

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