God Uses Problems to Shape You

God Uses Problems to Shape You

Tell the truth. When you run into problems, what is your first and most common response: complaining? crying? yelling? denial? pouting? rejoicing?

Unless you’re highly unusual (or slightly dishonest) you probably didn’t answer “rejoicing.” Let’s face it—it isn’t normal to be joyful in the face of trials. But you can develop this trait. According to the promise above, trials are good for you. How so? In the same way that an excruciating exercise regimen is good for you. You sweat and strain through painful and unpleasant workouts. But over time, if you keep at it, you see big changes. You’re stronger and healthier.

Viewing your troubles as a kind of “spiritual exercise program” enables you to rejoice (see 1 Peter 1:6–7). It enables you to see your suffering as something good in your life. God is using trials in your life to stretch you and strengthen your faith. Without these pressures, you’d be just another flabby, out-of-shape Chris­tian.

God’s Promise to Me
• I allow you to go through trials so that you might grow.

My Prayer to God
God, you want me to trust you in the hard times. Rejoicing isn’t natural for me, so make it my supernatural response to difficulties and pressures in my life. Teach me to endure, Lord, so that my faith will grow and get stronger.


And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;

This article is courtesy of the YouVersion Bible.


15 thoughts on “God Uses Problems to Shape You

  1. I run the gamut of responses–but God patiently waits me out, helps me eventually get to some degree of rejoicing, so we’re good. Hey Daryl, I SO hate to do this–but I’m taking issue with Heather’s comment: the verse she references clearly says, “NO weapon formed against you shall prosper”. God bless y’all–love, sis Caddo

    1. This is a complicated concept, but this is how I see it. No weapon will prosper (or permanently overcome us, totally conquer us). But God allows trials to strengthen us. Weapons then can be used against us, but they can only go so far. Meanwhile, when we overcome the trial, we no longer need fear those weapons, because we know that they could only go so far and then the weapon is done in by God’s power. It does not prosper, it only causes temporary distress. I hope that helps.

      1. I agree that God allows trials to strengthen us–I disagree that the Isaiah verse fits here; the verse in my Bible does not say “sometimes” weapons formed against you will prosper–but “No weapons formed against you will prosper”. We can agree to disagree if you like–I’m standing on what His Word says.

      2. Truly, it is–Joseph Prince was just teaching this past week, that “prosper” does not mean only financially–but also in health and relationships, to name a couple things…

      3. I understand your point, Daryl–I guess I’m just being a Bible literalist today. And having recently heard the verse repeatedly preached with such strong encouragement–with no added “sometimes” thrown in to take away from the message of Hope–I just had to take issue. Sorry if I’m being a brat–I need my Hope undiminished by man’s interpretations.

      4. Thank you so much. If you’d known me for the full 2 years I’ve been blogging, you’d probably jump up and down with excitement about this exchange we’ve had. When I started out here, I had no courage or confidence or conviction to comment on any Christian blogs–but God has fast-tracked me in my faith-walk, and I’m growing, both in knowledge of Him and His Word, and also in Holy Boldness. So I appreciate anyone who is secure enough to allow me opportunity to go “toe to toe” over scripture points. I know full well that we are not to argue and be divisive, as long as our bottom line belief is the gospel of good news–salvation only through Jesus’ shed blood. So, I’m glad we can appreciate each other, Daryl–this is good stuff! (How are you feeling, by the way? I’ve been praying for you.)

      5. For the most part, I am doing better. I have low days, sometimes, but I am rejoicing in God’s faithfulness. I will post “Daryl speaks from the heart” in a few days with more on this. Thank you for your faithful prayers!

  2. Hey – Great post. I wish I could remember this quote I just taped up over my desk … I am not at my desk right now … But it expresses the idea / concept that miracles may come disguised … so when storms and unrest comes, know that what is happening is that (I) am being prepared for something bigger, something significant … Your post communicates this idea so well. I appreciate your post, when I can get over here to visit. Keep writing; keep encouraging us. T

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