Jesus is My Friend

Jesus is my Friend

I am not afraid
Of noises in the night
Or catastrophes that cause
Others to ‘fright…
Because Jesus is my friend!

I don’t go around,
Packing gun or knife
My biggest thing ain’t
Avoiding strife…
’cause Jesus is my friend!

I know there are pitfalls
Designed to snare us…
I don’t care,
You see Jesus is my friend!

Whatever goes wrong
He can fix,
Or prevent or forgive,
Heal or just plain nix.
Jesus is my friend!

He has many friends
Kind of like me,
You can be His friend too
If you want to be…
Jesus can be your friend!

Jesus and I go
Now, you can come too
There’s enough of Him to share!
Jesus is “our” friend!

We walk together now
Searching all along the shore
For many more friends
Jesus has friends galore…
But Jesus is still…my friend
And your friend
And their friend
For evermore!

-the walrus


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