Friday’s are the new Saturday…

I know this doesn’t work for a lot of us, but to some extent, it’s true.  There are millions of people, who used to have traditional 8 hours/day, 5 days/week jobs who now work only four days per week.  Some were victims of an employer who decided unilaterally to grant the employees a non-paid day-off on a periodic basis.  The worst cases caused a 20% pay cut (one unpaid day off per week).  And if that day was Friday, well, you see how it works.  Many of my friends got used to this arrangement because they could do the weekend cleaning, etc. and still have another day to rest, play, etc.  Another weekend freestyle day.  The twenty per cent cut wasn’t that bad after withholding was adjusted, and the extra day with family was very good.
I started noticing that the traffic rush to get out of town for the weekend was no longer evident during the Friday afternoon commute time.  But that massive traffic jam was now on Thursday afternoon. Everything that defines Saturday now was happening Friday. I.e., lines at barber shop, nail salon, laundramat, various other shops, etc. Even Thursday Night Football is a twist on the old Friday night games.  Traditionally, they started the weekend.
In our town, all city offices are closed on Friday, so downtown it seems like Saturday.
A lot of people put this extra “Saturday” to good use, for personal productivity, for physical activity (gym), or for getting a jump on a busy weekend.  These days off have become extra “Saturday’s” in every way.  Other people do not take advantage of the benefit, but just take it on like a monthly holiday, thus squandering it, which is their right, but a waste, nonetheless.
As with any other phenomena, the change in societies work/play pattern deserves scrutiny.  Does it make the half-full cup more full? Less empty?  We learn and benefit from it, if we are wise.
So, tell me what you think.  Is Friday the new Saturday, or not.  Is this change good or not? why?  I am looking forward to hearing from you.


7 thoughts on “Friday’s are the new Saturday…

  1. I’ve been considering Friday as the start of my weekend for a long time–although I may do a couple chores, my mind is already in weekend-mode and my spirits pick up measurably. God bless you!

  2. Is this just California or do you think it is happening everywhere in America?

    I somewhat experience this. I get to telecommute once per week and because I am the older guy in the department. I have jumped on Friday and no one has challenged me on it. So, I am sitting there at my computer watching the birds and flowers(occassionally). Sure is nice!

    1. I think part of the migration is to avoid aggressive taxation. Another part is legitimate job search. The government has made the work climate unhealthy here and many employers have to change venues in order to survive.

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