Seven Irrational Fears

1. That you will not wake up.  – if you do not wake up, you will not wake up to know you didn’t wake up.

2. There is not enough room for everyone in the world. – I have been up in a plane across a fair portion of the world.  I have seen vast expanses where there is NO ONE!  If all this space gets filled with people and some form of natural selection does not thin us out….it will be a long time after your life span ends.

3. I will not be able to complete my collection…whatever you are collecting. Why does that matter.  Is your happiness really tied to the market in any given commodity?  Maybe you would be happier if you were able to lose this sick compulsion.  Nobody ever gets everything on every list.  Thinking any other way is just immature.

4. Being afraid the earth will spin out of orbit – what are you going to do?  Play Atlas and go hold it in place?  You cannot do anything about it.  No preventative action or reactive action on your part will make any difference.  Why worry?

5. Afraid of air transportation – air travel is the safest way to travel per passenger/mile.  You can meet your maker walking down the street.  Cars crash, trains wreck, bikes get hit, all in a frequency greater than air crashes.  If you must worry, find some reasonably threatening thing into worry about. 

6. Afraid that you will always be afraid  – this is the one thing I may not be able to help you with.  Some people fear everything.  But the longer you live, the more it proves that you had nothing to fear.  This has happened again and again throughout your life.  If you cannot learn from your own experience, you probably are afraid that you will continue to do the same thing daily, but get a totally different result.  Is this a conspiracy just to burn you!  How rational is that?

7. Afraid of death/dying. – some of us should be very afraid of this one.  For those of us who believe in an afterlife day of reckoning, I guess it depends on how we lived.  If you have made your choice based upon all the best available data, what sense does it make to worry?  If you think you chose unwisely, make a better choice and change course.

Now I am aware that some people have clinical reasons for their fears.  I am not clinically trained in this area, but many people take comfort in God’s promise to care for us.  If He cares about the sparrow, how much more He cares about us.  And that is the main reason why all worries are irrational…God is taking care of us.  Even when bad things happen to us, we need not fear…God has the power to make it all right. And like the Biblical patriarch, Job, we can trust God to be faithful to us no matter what.


13 thoughts on “Seven Irrational Fears

  1. I’m not intentionally being flippant, but my irrational fear is that I’ll die with my house a mess, the dishes and laundry not done, etc. I can’t seem to get past the thought that, dead, I’ll still be able to watch folks going through all my stuff–laughing and making unflattering comments. Crazy, huh?

    1. Actually, quite common. But since your body organs will not have any blood flow, your physical body will not sense anything. Your spirit is something different though. If you are eligible for torment, maybe it will happen. But since God is forgiving, why would he allow you to be subject to such torment? Chances are, the joy of the hereafter will overshadow any torments from the past. Hope this helps!

      1. Oh I understand that–I’ve been called “edgy” on occasion, due to my dry humor as well. It shows that I’m interested and care, that I questioned you–so, we’re good!

  2. Eccellenza ! ! ! ! I was so jazzed about this post that I had to go on line to find a different language. Italian, for “Excellent” … I may have to reblog this. I am looking forward to following your blog. By the way, thanks for stopping my to visit my blog (Other Side of the Trees) … T

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