I am happy that prayer is more informal and casual today. The following excerpt from the reference cited tells how it used to be!

It is interesting to trace the development of prayer in the Scriptures. In the life of the patriarch Abraham prayer seems to have taken the form of a dialogue–God and man drawing near and talking to each other (Gen. 18; 19); developing into intercession (Gen. 17:18; 18:23, 32), and then into personal prayer (Gen. 15:2; 24:12); Jacob, (Gen. 28:20; 32:9-12, 24; Hosea 12:4). The patriarchal blessings are called prayers (Gen 49:1; Deut. 33:11). During the period of the Law. Not very much prominence is given to formal prayer during this period. Deut. 26:1-15 seems to be the only one definitely recorded. Prayer had not yet found a stated place in the ritual of the law. It seems to have been more of a personal than a formal matter, and so while the Law may not afford much material, yet the life of the lawgiver, Moses, abounds with prayer (Exod. 5:22; 32:11; Num. 11:11-15).*

*Evans, William (2004-07-01). The Great Doctrines of the Bible (p. 136). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.

Now, we can stop and talk to God, anytime, anywhere, in a conversational manner. He is our Father and He sometimes just wants to hear from us. Or we can wax eloquent and make a speech to our Father like reciting a school play. As long as we talk to Him, He listens and enjoys the time in fellowship.

This is why we are told not to pray in a way to be heard by others! Our time with our Father is personal and no one else need be concerned. We get alone time with “Dad!” Our speech with Him should not be designed to impress others or move them in any way. It is to communicate with our Maker.

This is not to say that there is no place for corporate prayer, when we gather together. That prayer is for unity of purpose and for uniting our hearts around requests. It is not like the prayers of the Pharisees, who were prideful in their approach.

My prayer for you today is that we will pray with appreciation for the ease with which we can approach our Father. We can ask for anything, according to His will, and know that He hears us! (I John 5) Let us Pray with Humility!

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