Five Things to be Grateful For…

5. Grandchildren.

Whether you spoil them or play it straight, they are a joy to have around.  You can see glimpses of the prior generation and that warms the heart.

4. Grown Children

These guys can break your heart, but more often than not, they bring a fullness to your life that would otherwise be missing.

3. Health

Whatever state you find yourself in, it could be worse.  Making the best of what ever your condition may be is an exercise in meaningful relations—you make the best of whatever you have, because complaining does no good.  It only prolongs your misery.

2. A Godly spouse to share all things Holy with.


In this area, I am the most fortunate of men, for my wife and I believe pretty much the same and we discuss it often.  We recently went through the “Five Love Languages” book and were jointly blessed by that experience.

1. A Godly Church to fellowship at, to serve and worship at and to guide your steps.

No man is an island and we need the strength of each other to carry life’s burdens. 

 I am most fortunate here, also, for any of a number of them would come any time I need them, to minister to me, etc.  and many times they have done just that.  I have done the same 

for them and this type of reciprocal fellowship cannot be bought at any price.

So, you see, today and every day, whatever state I find myself in, 

I am among the most fortunate of all men.  I know it and I thank God for it, because He knows, I did not earn it!

6 thoughts on “Five Things to be Grateful For…

  1. Agreed: Those blessings deserve top billing! Part of their appeal is that each one can be experienced nearly every day.

    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I am honored that you find the posts meaningful.

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