A Brief Note to the NSA


You do not need my permission to read this blog, but at least give a ping back every so often.   To partake and not contribute is just plain rude!
I hope you find peace in Jesus through these posts.  Perhaps that is what you are looking for?
Acts 16:31

9 thoughts on “A Brief Note to the NSA

  1. Daryl you are too funny. After the NSA reads your blog, maybe they can recommend Luke 19.8 to their IRS friends!

    1. NSA is National Security Agency. They are “parent” agency for Department of Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency and nearly all government policing units, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A former employee/contractor has “blown the whistle” recently about Internal Revenue Service and other agencies doing spying on Americans that traditionally would have illegal, but they say is authorized by the “Patriot Act”, originally enacted to make detection of terrorist activity easier. Now it appears that the current administration misuses its power to spy on political rivals, like anyone opposed to its liberal policies. They even broke into phone records of journalists to try to detect sources of stories that showed the current corrupt administration in a bad light.
      That is probably more than you want to know. But I have to add this disclaimer- All are innocent unless proverb guilty in a court of law. The above accusations/assertions are recently reported by reputable news sources, and as such are considered reputable. Some claims were denied until proof was offered by accusers and then administration reluctantly admitted or stubbornly denied.

    1. No, that was great thanks – and I knew what you meant with ‘proverb’! Sad thing is, I think they want to enact something – smaller scale as we are a smaller country – here when they can monitor e-mails / texts etc – some are calling it the ‘snoopers’ charter’. I hope it doesn’t go through as I value my civil liberties. I know it’s ‘only the guilty that have anything to hide’ but as you suggest above, if we don’t know the rationale for looking at material, how do we know what they will do with that information?

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