Why I go to Church

Believer or Disciple?
Believer or Disciple?

I do not go to see the people or be seen by the people, I go to worship.  Having other people there to worship with is a pleasant bonus.

I do not go to church check off a list of “do-goods”, because no amount of “do-goods” could buy my way into Heaven.  I go because I love Jesus and His presence seems closer there…

I do not go to church to satisfy a creed or pledge, I go to church to reinforce my creed and to learn more about it.

I do not go to church to please my family, although some of them are pleased by this.  I go to church to worship and commune with my God, who has done so much for me and asks so little in return.  But then I find I do not just want to “go to” church…I want to have “church” in my heart all week long.  This is more than being a “true believer.”  This is the first step in becoming a disciple.  

And although Jesus does not command some of the things I do out of love, He encourages me to do them by being an example of love.  And out of love, I would follow Him anywhere!

19 thoughts on “Why I go to Church

  1. I agree with you Daryl ~ I want church in my heart 24/7 too and one day a week is just not enough time for me to have with Jesus, or to worship and have fellowship with other believers! ~ God Bless ~

      1. Thanks Daryl! I no longer accept awards but I do thank you for your kindness in thinking of me, and I will of course pop by to check out your other nominees! I appreciate your thoughtfulness…

  2. I am so lucky that the Church I attend has life grouos through the week. I attend at least one a week and just signed up to assist with the middle school kids on sunday bible study.

    1. I read your profile note and so glad to meet you and know that you are in the Kingdom. It is a fabulous place. Sometimes we have to head up to Mount Doom (Lord of the Rings) Most of the time we find peace in the valley of Middle Earth.

  3. Thanks Daryl…I agree with your words in full about why I go to Church. Having missed being with my church family of recent weeks due to surgery, I am anxious to be back “home.”

  4. Yes, and church–I like to think of it in terms of its people–genuine seekers. It is almost a magical concept because He created it from among some really lowly types. Amazingly, His body still lives and is vibrant today.

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