Service Check

The Spiritual Performance Gap

The difference between what we actually do in our own strength for the Kingdom of God, and what we do through the power of the Holy Spirit leaves a large gap.
Pastor Dustin shared with us the notion that the Holy Spirit reminds us of Jesus.  We also learned that we can partner with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to do good works.  We do not have the ability to do good works on our own. John15:5.
There is a price to be paid in order for this to work.  Jesus did his part and the Holy Spirit is ready to do His part; But there is more required and it has been left to us in the presentation of the Great Commission.
The difference between what has been done and what remains to be done is the performance gap.  It is actually better described as “The Cost of Discipleship.” There ia a book by the same name, authored by Deitrich Bonnhoeffer.  Recently, Eric Metaxes wrote a moving biography of this great Christian martyr.  He quotes Bonnhoeffer as saying, “…faith without works is not faith at all, but a simple lack of obedience to God…” 
This is not to say that we are back under the law, because Jesus DID fufill the law.  But He also gave some new instructions, i.e. “Feed my sheep”, “go into all the world and make disciples…”, etc.  After all Jesus has done for us, to ignore these instructions is beyond rude.  Obedience is hard and we cannot do anything ourselves, without the help of the Holy Spirit.  But it is time to ask the Holy Spirit to help us close the performance gap.
If, like the apostle Paul, we are obedient to our calling, we will partner with God to take care of unfinished business, whatever it takes.  Our contribution is simply the cost of discipleship.

2 thoughts on “Service Check

  1. I was asked once in Bible class would it be easier for me to witness to somebody on a plane or in a store. Well I am of Middle Eastern descent , Lebanese to be exact , so I immediately answered the plane. When asked why I just shrugged and said ” Look at me! Being a Christian Arab I equally use God and Allah , which is simply the Arabic word for God. So I think if I had someone strapped in a seat at 30,000 feet and told them that I wanted to talk them about Allah and His Son Jesus Christ I would have a very attentive listener” ,

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